Scouse almost ready


Recipe for Scouse

It’s Global Scouse Day on 28th February.  For all those readers from other countries, Scouse is a regional dish associated with Liverpool and the reason why people who hail from Liverpool are called Scousers.  My Mum told me that the dish originated from Scandinavian sailors, who arrived at Liverpool Port.  I have no idea as to the veracity of this story but I also have no reason to believe it’s not true.

Scouse is a meat dish, cooked on the hob, with potatoes, carrots, maybe turnips and maybe pearl barley.  It depends upon your own family’s recipe. Every family has a different recipe and every Liverpudlian will say that their Mum cooks the best Scouse.  It’s a dish that takes some cooking, at least three hours, unless you use a pressure cooker of course.

It’s served with either pickled red cabbage or pickled beetroot and bread and butter. It is simply delicious. The memory of liberally applying my Scouse to bread and melting butter, my mouth salivating with anticipation, is one that is etched into my memory.

The above picture is my Scouse after 20 minutes in the pressure cooker and 15 minutes on the hob. If you are using a pressure cooker, be guided by the manufacturer’s instructions.

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