First Day at the Allotment


Untouched Allotment site

Untouched allotment site

Why we picked today of all days I do not know but today, in the driving sleet, we made our first foray allotmenteering.  Our site is on a field that the local council has given to the community. It’s never been used as an allotment before and to be absolutely honest I can see why.  The soil is compacted clay.  Neither of us has any experience of working an allotment and we will definitely be learning as we go along.  The thought of all those lovely fresh summer vegetables spurred us on through the sleet and cold today.


Allotment Covered with Plastic

Allotment covered with plastic

It took us about an hour and a half to cover the site in plastic.  We were wet, very, very cold but felt satisfied that our first steps to our own fruit and vegetables had been taken.

My favourite picture of us ever

My favourite picture of us ever apart from our wedding photos

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