No Stir Tomato and Pancetta Risotto

No Stir Tomato and Pancetta Risotto Recipe

This week I have made a pledge to myself that I will not do any food shopping at all apart from fresh stuff such as milk when we run out.  I have resolved to use what is in the fridge, cupboards and freezer. I do this periodically as a budgeting strategy, especially in January.  Whenever I do it, I’m always shocked at how much food we actually have in our cupboards. The last few days have seen us spending more money than we would like so it’s back to the cupboard strategy for us.  By the way this includes bread so I will be posting some home baked bread tomorrow.

Rachel at posted a recipe on Twitter today that fitted the bill precisely, No Stir Tomato and Pancetta Risotto.

I had the main ingredients and only had to make three tiny adjustments to suit my taste and what was in my cupboard.  Rachel uses olive oil but I prefer rape seed oil and butter:  I’m not advocating this, it’s just my personal taste. Rachel’s recipe uses basil but I didn’t have any and substituted flat leaf parsley.  Most unusually we didn’t have any white wine, perhaps because we drank it last night and under my self imposed no shopping ban, I couldn’t really go out to replenish supplies.  I was so excited about this recipe, I couldn’t wait to cook it.  In fact I had cooked it by 5pm and was trying to stuff it down my husband at 5.10.  He was a little surprised to be eating so early, but when he tasted it, he was just happy.

It was absolutely GORGEOUS! I encourage you to try it. The effect of starch from the risotto rice on the tomato was amazing; a thick, delicious, tasty stock is created.  The recipe Rachel uses is perfect in that not only did it taste delicious, the timings were spot on. I urge you to try it for three reasons

  1. It’s delicious
  2. It’s easy
  3. It’s cheap

Thank you Rachel.

I’m not going to post the recipe, just add the link because Rachel has written it so well.

You can find Rachel’s recipe here!


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