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Welcome to Simply Cooked with Love. My name is Kathryn and this blog celebrates you, the home cook,  and home cooking. I have created this blog to provide support and encouragement to all of you, out there, providing daily meals for family and other loved ones, recognising that we’re often under tight time pressures and have an ever watchful eye on finances.


Being the person who does the family cooking can often be quite a solitary endeavour, as the majority of the time we are planning, shopping and cooking  the meals we are making alone.


I want this blog to be a resource for you; a place where you can find easy to do recipes, share our failures and then  shrug them off.  There’s always another opportunity for success for the home cook!

A love of home cooking is always about a love of the best gifts life has to offer; human connection, mutual regard and kindness. By definition it involves thoughtfulness and consideration of others. It’s an activity where mistakes are tolerated and forgotten and sheer genius often passes without comment. Home cooking, however humble, provides a backdrop to the highs and lows of life, which is why the meals we ate as children stir our emotions in such a complex way.

My mother started my home cooking journey and I remain immensely grateful to her for the lessons she delivered with love, tenderness and humour. Of course, in retrospect, now that she is long deceased, I recognise that her philosophy on cooking closely mirrored her philosophy on life; only use the best ingredients, dishes need time to develop depth of flavour and most importantly very few things are ever really a complete disaster, just cut the soggy bit out and put some cream on top.

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